7 Secrets to the


of Change

Even if you are terrified of it.

A transformational guide to create sustainable change.

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Tricia Becker
The Art of Alchemy with Tricia Becker

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7 Secrets to the Alchemy of Change

A transformational guide to create sustainable change

Learn the Laws Of Creation

Magnetic Mind Masterclass

One to One Coaching Call

First-Time Client Session

Experience deep and immediate results during this fast-paced coaching session! Learn about the ways your current identity sabotages your progress and delays your success.

On-Demand Audio Course

Conscious Creation Course

Become immersed in understanding how we create our reality. Learn how to access all levels of consciousness! This is the foundation of the most significant lessons in the personal development world!

Signature Course & Group Coaching

The Art Of Alchemy

Immerse yourself in Alchemy! Enjoy the online course, group coaching and interaction with your peers in a private group. This signature course offers the foundations to teach you exactly how to create a life you love!

Discover Alchemy!

When you immerse yourself in the Journey into Alchemy, you will be the creator of your life!

Finally! It's time to learn how to be an Alchemist!

A Coaching Program that teaches you how to CREATE a life you love! 

In-Person Cellular Recode

Have you been studying the Law Of Attraction but cannot maintain your success?

Have you tried a gazillion different courses to connect to your inner light and purpose?

The Cellular Recode and other processes create shifts away from old trauma and emotions, so you can finally live a life you love!

Live a life that you LOVE!

Engaging with Tricia, you feel the energy, passion and love she has for coaching and teaching.

The Signature Course, The Art of Alchemy, teaches the foundations of "Structure" and a creative orientation.

Tricia teaches you, with joy and ease, how to become a powerful creator of your life! You will learn how to live a life you love, have health and vitality! And you will learn how to live connected to your true nature and purpose.

All your dreams can come true! Learn how to live in a Creative Orientation, decrease resistance around your desires and then you'll see the magic unfold in your life! 

This is the missing piece to the

Law of Attraction!

The personal development world is teaching people there is something wrong with people and that it must be fixed, healed, cleared or released. 

It's a misguided notion that we always need to solve problems and fix things. There is nothing wrong with who you are.

We are so much more powerful than we were taught! 

Learn The Laws Of Creation, and begin focusing on the life you LOVE, instead of problem solving and fixing yourself! 

This work will change your life forever!

I'm Tricia Becker!

After years embracing the world of personal development, being a student of A Course In Miracles, Law Of Attraction, Ho’oponopono and teaching other modalities like Reiki and Yoga, FINALLY the missing piece has been found!

I spent 15+ Years of working with and studying mentors, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Elizabeth Gilbert, Mike Dooley, Anita Moorjani, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Esther and Abraham Hicks, hypnotherapy, crystals, oils and certifications and seminars galore! $10's of thousands of dollars spent on all this! I practiced everything I learned for years.

Once I learned the Laws Of Creation from Christopher Duncan and William Whitecloud, I found the magic I was searching for! Now I focus on the Laws of Creation to live a magnificent life I love! My work includes all that I have gained from years of obsessively studying, practicing and teaching, including meditation, processes rooted in NLP and the transformative Superconscious Recode! (TM)

I'm now CREATING a life I love instead of fixing the problems within it because I know the Laws Of Creation.  

Offering in person sessions and remote online, you will feel your energy shift. Using advanced Master Reiki techniques and processes guide you to your light, inner power and to what you love.

I'm ready to show YOU how to become a focused, powerful creator of YOUR phenomenal life!

Discover a coaching program that teaches you how to be



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VIP Journey Into Alchemy

One to One Coaching

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Tricia Becker testimonials
Tricia Becker testimonials
Tricia Becker testimonials
Tricia Becker testimonials
Tricia Becker testimonials

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7 Secrets to the Alchemy of Change

Even if you are terrified of it!

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